Sonia and Harman – Engagement photos at the U of A

I’ll have more photos to share with you all from this engagement session at the University of Alberta with the ultra-cute Sonia and Harman, whose wedding is in August, but for now, here is an animated gif of them running away together!!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian wedding – Part 2

And even more photos of the super gorgeous Gurpreet and Anoop on the day of their reception!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1

Gurpreet and Anoop’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. These two are a dream to photograph – they’re super cute, have the best smiles, and their excitement and joy in getting married was so awesome to see. As the photos below cover a whopping 6 days worth of celebration, chock full of amazing color and emotion, I’mContinue reading “Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1”

Sonia and raj – Part 3

And finally, Sonia and Raj’s amazing reception at the Oasis Conference Center. Totally gorgeous wedding + awesome people = great weekend! Huge thanks to Raj and Sonia and to their awesome families for everything!

Sonia and Raj – part 1!

Another big Indian wedding – my last Indian wedding of this busy summer! Since there are lots of lovely photos of these 2 awesome people, I’ll break it into 2 parts for y’all to save your scrolling fingers! Sonia and Raj are really great people, and so in love (I was actually there when theyContinue reading “Sonia and Raj – part 1!”

Suki and Linda – part 2!

The rest of the photos from Suki and Linda’s awesome celebration. This is a looooong post, so hold on to your hats!! Getting ready! The next 5 shots of Suki getting ready are by my fabulous second shooter Shaun Scade: This horse, who I’ve photographed before at Indian weddings, is always so sweet and gentleContinue reading “Suki and Linda – part 2!”

Suki and Linda – part one!

Here’s the first part of Linda and Suki’s wedding – their pre-wedding celebrations! I loved that they combined both of their cultures for a really unique and beautiful experience. Suki’s families Sangeet:   Linda’s family hosted a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. And the always messy and hilarious maiyaan ceremony at Suki’s parents. This yellow mixtureContinue reading “Suki and Linda – part one!”

Vikram and Maya – part 2

Here is the rest of Maya and Vikram’s wedding in New Hope, PA! This is Maya’s dad! I took this while we were doing lighting tests outside while Vikram and Maya changed into their outfits for the reception. You can see raindrops if you look really closely at his suit lapel! Okay, I love thisContinue reading “Vikram and Maya – part 2”

Vikram and Maya (part 1!)

I feel like I’m especially lucky in that I get a to experience lot of destination weddings. And since my clients are so cool and different, they’re always planning celebrations at the most unique spots, not just your standard tropical resort. I love exploring quirky new places I’ve never been before, and Vikram and Maya’sContinue reading “Vikram and Maya (part 1!)”