Priya and Kevin’s engagement party

You might remember this gorgeous couple from their recent engagement photo session in the snow! Priya and Kevin held a big, beautiful engagement party on Boxing Day – I can’t wait for their wedding this summer! Next 2 photos by Blake: Priya has an incredible smile! Another gem by Blake below! Next one is Blake’sContinue reading “Priya and Kevin’s engagement party”

James and Shubhra’s Hindu wedding

James and Shubhra had twice the fun – one day of Hindu wedding celebrations, followed by a day of Sikh celebrations. Firstly, the Hindu wedding day. Here’s James getting ready! (Next 3 shots by Amy) Steaming out the wrinkles from his dad’s tie! Meanwhile, at Shubhra’s house: This has got to be one of theContinue reading “James and Shubhra’s Hindu wedding”

James and Shubhra – getting ready for the big day!

James and Shubhra’s gorgeous wedding, which incorporates both Hindu and Sikh ceremonies and traditions, is an awfully big one to blog all at one go, so I thought I’d break it up into a couple smaller posts! Amazingly detailed mendhi! This shot, by Amy, reminds me of spaghetti and meatballs! Also by Amy – soContinue reading “James and Shubhra – getting ready for the big day!”

Sunil and Shobna’s reception!

The Sunil-and-Shobna-blog-marathon ends with their amazing reception! I was super happy when Sunil and Shobna toughed out more photos in the snow. It was such a gorgeous night! Only in Alberta would there be some guy in shorts walking around in a snowstorm… Jack O lantern love… This next photo is by Amy – so,Continue reading “Sunil and Shobna’s reception!”

Sunil and Shobna – the big day!

I hope you’re all ready for a bazillion photos! Woo! Sunil gets ready (photos by Amy) Someone’s a bit tired! Meanwhile, I spent the morning with Shobna: Sunil rode to the ceremony on the traditional white horse, led by (very cold) bagpipers! It was SO cold, but everyone danced to stay warm! Check it outContinue reading “Sunil and Shobna – the big day!”

More Sunil and Shobna!

Here are some photos from Sunil and Shobna’s ghari puja which occurs Friday night before the marriage. Priests arrive at the brides’ family and grooms’ family homes to perform a series of rituals and blessings with the family. These next few photos were taken by Amy at Sunil’s house: Here’s a couple more photos IContinue reading “More Sunil and Shobna!”