Kaitlynn and Melanie’s wedding at Citadel theatre in Edmonton

A beautiful non-traditional Edmonton lesbian wedding held at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, with the reception at Coast Edmonton Plaza

Deborah and Terry

I first met Deborah and Terry at their daughter Katrina’s gorgeous wedding, and a few months later, we met again to do a special session! These two sweethearts didn’t have a professional wedding photographer at their wedding 30 years ago, so they commemorated their anniversary with some photos. And via this session, they graciously supportedContinue reading “Deborah and Terry”

Sarah, Nick, and Bud (and a baby bump!)

This is Bud. Bud is arguably the greatest dog in the world, and he’s a big brother now! Earlier this summer, I hung out with Bud (and his mom and dad) to get some photos of him hanging out with his family before baby Dax arrived to share his spotlight. Sarah and Nick are awesomeContinue reading “Sarah, Nick, and Bud (and a baby bump!)”