Andree and Justin (part one!)

Andree and Justin live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for work, but met and fell in love in good ol’ Edmonton. They’re incredibly fun people, and there’s a ton of photos I want to share with y’all, so I’m going to break this wedding into a couple parts for the blog so you’re not all scrollingContinue reading “Andree and Justin (part one!)”

Shannon and Henry

True love… on a totally beautiful spring day, with a totally adorable couple. I had a really great time with these two, and their awesome wedding party too! Here are just a few favorites from their big day: Below ceremony shots by the ever so amazing Vinse, my fabulous second shooter! Extremely silly wedding partyContinue reading “Shannon and Henry”

Grace and Steve

I’m excited to share this beautiful wedding that Amy and I photographed last summer for Grace and Steve. Their ceremony was held in the little town of Bentley, Alberta, in the same church that Grace’s grandparents were married in. Grace literally danced back down the aisle with Steve – super cute! We did a fewContinue reading “Grace and Steve”

Sheldon and Laural

At the beginning of April, I got to photograph the wedding of the uber-awesome Sheldon and Laural. Here are just a few favorites! Laural is super cute – purple hair and a short dress. I love it! I hope y’all are ready for about a bazillion and one cute kids in this post! Oh, andContinue reading “Sheldon and Laural”

Mulholland family photos!

I spent a pretty winter afternoon with the Mulholland family a few weeks ago. (If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you might see some familiar faces – I photographed Chelsea and Michael’s wedding in 2009) Here is the whole gang! And this is Chelsea and Michael’s sweet little daughter, Isabella! So awesome andContinue reading “Mulholland family photos!”

Monika and Ian’s wedding

Monika and Ian’s wedding was a fun one! Tons of great photos – making choices for a blog post was hard since these 2 are so, so cute! Here’s a few of my favorites! Snowshoes! Wish I had a pair for this week – haha! Ian thoughtfully applying Monika’s lip gloss! Cute! Tiptoes! Super awesomeContinue reading “Monika and Ian’s wedding”

Jonathan and Rebecca’s engagement photos

Jonathan and Rebecca are super cute, bubbly and fun! Here’s some favorite shots from their engagement session: Migrating Canada Geese! Neat! These two are super silly together! Tons of laughing! Jonathan is a photographer too. It’s really flattering when someone who loves photography as much as I do chooses my work to reflect their specialContinue reading “Jonathan and Rebecca’s engagement photos”

Ulana and Stewart’s wedding

Sometimes I go to weddings, and I think, “If I ever get married, I’m going to do it exactly like this!” That thought crossed my mind about 300,000 times on Ulana and Stewart’s big day. It was absolutely perfect. The right size (30-40 guests), pretty venues, perfect light and great weather. All in all, anContinue reading “Ulana and Stewart’s wedding”

Baby Penelope!

A few weeks ago, my friends Kris and Suzuanne welcomed a gorgeous little baby girl into their family! Meet little Miss Penelope at 2 weeks old! A big yawn, followed by a little smile! “Hey, why is no one holding me??!” Having a little nap with big brother! (you might recognize this little guy, Oscar,Continue reading “Baby Penelope!”